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Building Futures, Bridging Boundaries
Bridging Borders,
Building Futures

The Australia Vietnam Young Business Champion Network is a dynamic and forward-thinking organization committed to fostering collaboration and strengthening economic ties between Australia and Vietnam. Our mission is to empower, connect, and inspire the next generation of business champions through mentorship, networking, and partnerships, fostering reciprocal understanding and impactful brand growth.

Key Pillars

People Development

This pillar is dedicated to nurturing and harnessing the potential of young business leaders in both countries.

Partnerships & Networks

This pillar focuses on building a robust network of professionals and fostering valuable partnerships.

Entrepreneurship & Investment

This pillar encourages entrepreneurial initiatives, reduces startup's failure rates and facilitates investment opportunities.

Business Culture Exchange

Fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration is at the core of this pillar.


AVYX Launch Event
Feb 27, 2024
Officially launching on the 27th February, AVYX is set to be a vibrant platform fostering collaboration, innovation, and unprecedented growth opportunities for emerging leaders from Australia and Vietnam.
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AVYX Members

Unlock exclusive opportunities, expand your network, and shape the future of business relationships between Australia and Vietnam. Join us in fostering growth, collaboration, and leadership within our vibrant community of young leaders.

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  • Age Range: 25 to 45
  • Role Call: Entrepreneurs, business visionaries, mid to senior managers across Australia and Vietnam - if growing beyond borders is your goal, AVYX is your place.
  • Engagement Expectation: Dive in, share, contribute – because we're a community of trailblazers.
  • Growth Commitment: Dedication to personal and professional development in an environment that thrives on collaboration.
  • Potential Leadership Roles: Active members may join the steering committee and potentially become part of the board of directors in subsequent years.
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Members’ Benefits
personal growth
Professional Growth and Collaboration

Enjoy free access to programs shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Engage in specialized workshops to sharpen your leadership skills. Forge connections for potential partnerships, collaborations, career and investment opportunities, boosting your personal brand.

entrepreneurial support
Entrepreneurial Support

Access valuable resources, guidance, and connections for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. Be part of a vibrant community fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

exclusive networking
Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Network with the brightest minds and leaders from Australia and Vietnam.

Expand your professional network across diverse industries, creating opportunities for personal branding.

personal branding
Unlock Your Personal Branding Potential

Showcase your expertise through thought leadership opportunities within the AVYX community.

Leverage exclusive networking events for cross-industry exposure, enhancing your personal brand.

AVYX Partners

We are thrilled to welcome esteemed partners and sponsors to the Australia Vietnam Young Business Champion Network. Your support and collaboration are vital in our journey to empower, connect, and inspire the next generation of business champions in both Australia and Vietnam.

Partner Chamber

Partnerships with various entities like government agencies, universities, chambers, and business leader networks, as well as other companies, can yield beneficial collaborations

  • Government Partner
  • University Partner
  • Chamber and Business Leader Network
  • Company Partner
Sponsor Chamber

Sponsors drive growth, elevate visibility, empower initiatives, and foster innovation within our network, playing a key role in its success.

  • Gold Sponsor
  • Silver Sponsor
  • Company Partner

Partners’ Benefits

talent pool
Access to a Rich Talent Pool

Unlock a diverse talent pool spanning Australia and Vietnam.

Seize opportunities for talent recruitment, ensuring access to a pool of skilled professionals.

strategic alliances
Strategic Industry Alliances

Engage in exclusive gatherings and forums, cultivating connections with key players.

Transform these connections into strategic industry alliances, driving market growth and showcasing your industry expertise.

Corporate Social Responsibility Impact

Align your brand with AVYX's vision of fueling sustainable development for Australia and Vietnam.

Contribute to human development, economic growth, and enterprise advancement.

knowledge exchange
Knowledge Exchange and Thought Leadership

Contribute to and gain insights from AVYX's community of thought leaders.

Facilitate knowledge exchange within specific sectors, positioning your company as an industry leader.

Showcase your thought leadership through branded content and events.

cross-border growth
Cross-Border Business Growth & Branding Opportunities

Seize opportunities for market expansion, partnerships, investment opportunities and business growth across Australia and Vietnam.

Leverage AVYX's dynamic platform that actively fosters collaboration and growth between the business landscapes of Australia and Vietnam.

Explore exclusive branding opportunities at the forefront of cross-border collaboration that enhance your company's visibility.

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